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Session Information

Where do we start?

As we start planning your session, we’ll discuss the details, look over the relevant contract for the shoot and I’ll need your session fee, which is non-refundable, to secure our time together. If you have chosen an outdoor location, I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast. I’ll contact you (the day of or day before your session) if I feel the session may need to be moved earlier or later in the day or re-scheduled. We will then meet for your photography session, have loads of fun and capture great images. Additional fees may be incurred in the event a client re-scheduled at short notice.

So, what happens after the Session? When do I get my photos?

A week or so after your session I will contact you to schedule your in-studio viewing appointment where you will preview the images and choose your favourites to create your product order. The appointment generally takes an hour or two so it may be best not to bring your little ones as they may become restless.

Once I’ve received your order deposit (Min. 50%) and any additional payment arrangements have been made if needed, I will order your print package; this may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive. I will then burn, package and deliver your customised photos and any additional products you’ve ordered.

Any tips for the day of the session?

Just have Fun!

Please feel at ease at your session. Feeling pressured to “smile” may lose your natural expressions. Many of the great images we capture are the “in-between” shots when the subject relaxes and smiles.

Photo sessions are work for both subject and photographer but we’ve got tricks that make it fun and easy so don’t worry and don’t try too hard!

Relax, it’s your day!

What on Earth do I wear?

Good choices in clothing are one of the key elements of a great photo session! For group sessions, clothing should be coordinated, or at least have a theme. Clothing should be simple and timeless. Favourites are jeans, khaki coloured pants, white, black or neutral coloured shirts, sundresses, gowns, hats and bare feet. (checkered patterns and geometric designs don’t photograph well). Once you’re happy with your choices, make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free, and then set them aside for your session.

Don’t forget about shoes and the most overlooked item … the socks! Yes, the socks are important … (the colour). This will lower your stress level on session day!

Can I bring something to include in the photos?

Clients are encouraged to include their own props. Examples are: A musical instrument, sports equipment, a book and reading glasses, or a family pet. If the photo shoot is in my studio, I do have some props though they are more suitable for young children and newborn babies.

Is there anything else I need to know?

If there is, just feel free to drop me a line via the contact form or email me directly.

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