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Grow With Me 

Our kids & pets grow so quickly, Grow With Me sessions capture just how quickly they change & grow over the course of a year or two.

As they grow together, so does their bond, lets preserve those memories forever


Pet Portraits 

Pets are our special furry, feathery or even scaly family members. They share special moments with us, and we treat them like our children or loved ones. We celebrate their birthdays and rejoice whenever they achieve a milestone. Now it’s their time to shine with their very own portrait session.


Doggy Cake Smash 

Cake Smash sessions aren’t just for our kids, why not let your dogs have their very own Doggy Cake Smash session with a healthy & safe dog friendly cake to celebrate another year together.



3 x 30 min Mini Session Package


  Kids & their Pets

3x Mini Session Package  approx 6-12mths apart

Individual photos

Playful Photos

Cuddle Photos

3 downloadable digital images per Mini Session

(9 Digital Images in Total)



1 hr session


Not just for dogs!

Posed photos

Playful Photos

In Action photos (Dogs)

Pet & Family cuddles

Food or ball toss photos (Dogs in Studio)

10 downloadable digital images

Suitable for Kitten & Puppy Litter sessions


45 min session


Posed Pet photos

Food or ball toss photos

Cake Smash photos

7 downloadable digital images

Extra $60 for Dog safe cake to be provided


Individual images: $25 

Complete set of Edited images: $200

Full session Slideshow: $65 


Memories are priceless

Puppies & kittens are just the sweetest things ever but they don’t stay that way for very long, they grow so fast! Jodi Byles Photography will capture priceless memories of your newest family member playing, sleeping & maybe even posing, 

These sessions aren’t just for the babies, they can have their portrait taken at any age & you are welcome to get in the photo for some cuddles too.

If cats & dogs aren’t your preferred pets you are welcome to bring your snake, bird, lizard or bunnies in to have their portraits taken as well. 

Unfortunately we don’t have our pets for long enough so it’s important to capture those gorgeous details before time runs out & then you will have a visual memory of them & your time together to look at forever.

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