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Fresh 48


The session fee is required to secure your booking. Your requested date & time will no longer be available to other enquiries once your session fee has been received, therefore it is not refundable. The session fee covers the photographer’s time & talent, detailed editing of images & any props required. Digital images are not included unless stated.



Taken within the first 48 hrs

• On Call time leading up to due date
Relaxed 2 hr session 
• Casual family bonding photos
• Siblings & Grandparents welcome
• Baby’s details 
• Online gallery
• 15 downloadable images




Individual images: $25 


Complete set of Edited images: $200


Full session Slideshow: $65 


Please Enquire for further details.


Maternity Photography

Birth Photography

Newborn Photography

While Birth Photography is still too much of a strange thought for some, a Fresh 48 session can be a much more relaxed way of capturing those very first moments of your newborn’s life. With photos of those first intimate kisses and cuddles, along with some classic facial expressions as your newest little one comes to grips with being on the outside.

A Fresh 48 session is a great idea for those wanting to really capture the earliest stages and looks of their baby. They change so fast! Even in those first few days, as they start to feed they fill out as they fill up and you can be quite surprised the difference it makes. That’s why grabbing the opportunity to have a professional Fresh 48 session done can be the only chance you have to remember them the way they are right at that moment.

These sessions can be booked-in well in advance which means you can book it in and just forget about it knowing that when the time comes you’ll have a photographer on hand for your baby’s Fresh 48 hours.

While these can be used as an alternative to Birth Photography, they can also be complementary and go hand-in-hand with it because they do capture different moments. Birth Photos are a powerful reminder of the journey to bring this child into the world: the pain, the joy, the tensions, frustrations, the difficult and the not-so-difficult times. Whereas Fresh 48 Photography brings into perspective the emotion in the room after the birth. The little facial expressions that come and go while they adjust to life in general.

To capture the full journey with Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, & Newborn photography from a professional photographer is the ultimate in not missing out on one of those moments you can never get back again.

Plan ahead and book in your Fresh 48 today!

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