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Family Sessions

Sitter / Toddler Mini Sessions

Tummy time, Sitting, Crawling, Standing

Toddler Sessions

Ages 1-3yrs

Smash & Splash

Great for 1st & 2nd Birthdays

Family Sessions

On Location & Lifestyle sessions available


The session fee is required to secure your booking. Your requested date & time will no longer be available to other enquiries once your session fee has been received, therefore it is not refundable. The session fee covers the photographer’s time & talent, detailed editing of images & any props required. Digital images are not included unless stated.

20 min session
Studio or on location
Online gallery
7 Downloadable digital images
20 min session
Studio or on location
Portrait Photos
Bath photos
Online gallery
7 Downloadable digital images
Fruit or Flowers & Milk provided
45 min session
Studio or on location
Before – Clean photos
During – Messy Photos
After – Bath photos
Online gallery
15 Downloadable digital images
Balloons & Decorations Provided
Extra $50 for Cake to be provided
 45 Min session
On location or Lifestyle In Home
Individual photos
Sibling photos
Parent photos
Family photos
Pets welcome
Online gallery
 15 Downloadable digital images


Full session Slideshow: $65    Edited Digital Collection: $200

Please Enquire for further details.


Maternity Photography

Birth Photography

Fresh 48 Photography

Newborn Photography

Baby Photography helps to capture this special time now that your little bundle of joy is between 3 months & 11 months. They are now no longer a newborn & there is so much going on. They could start to sit. They may begin to roll. The really keen ones might even venture onto 2 limbs. Whether any of those things have started to happen or not, your baby is unique and is growing & changing. Into that uniqueness day by day, subtle but swift changes may slip away if not caught and preserved to last.

Toddler Photography is for your little ones between the ages of 1 and 3 years old and you have the choice of a studio shoot or location of your choice. Dress up or dress down for the occasion, the more memorable the better!

Smash & Splash Photography sessions are an opportunity to have fun while making a mess. A Cake Smash (which doesn’t have to be a cake, by the way, it could be watermelon, doughnuts, biscuits, Jelly, anything smashable!) with Jodi Byles Photography is a fun and at times hilarious way of capturing some precious memories of your one-year-old to be treasured (and potentially used as blackmail) for years to come. Paint Splash sessions include the before photos while they’re clean – during the destruction – and after the mess with photos taken in a bubbly bath while getting cleaned up!

Family Photography shoots can be a great excuse to gather the hordes and make a day of it. You’ll only need an hour or so for the shoot and then you’re free to fire up the BBQ and enjoy some time together catching up. Jodi Byles Photography takes the stress out and puts the fun back into family photo time for large and small family groups.

Lifestyle photography. This is a great way to be able to include pets that are either too big or simply may not like to travel as well! Call the family, gather the kids, round up the pets, and let Jodi Byles Photography preserve your memories in a Lifestyle Photography portrait session. Lifestyle photography by Jodi Byles Photography is a natural, more relaxed way of capturing the moments and memories of your loved ones for you to cherish for many years to come.

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