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Birth Stories – Skye

Skye ~ Busselton Health Campus ~ 15th May, 2017

On the 15th of May 2017, at 40 weeks exactly I was induced with my third baby boy.

With nerves and excitement we arrived at Busselton hospital at 6.30am. It was a lot of waiting, my student midwife arrived as well as our lovely birth photographer Jodi, who took some before photos whilst we were waiting for my doctor.

We started my labour playlist and joked around to ease the nerves and expectations of what was about to happen. At 9.30 my doctor arrived, she knew I wanted to avoid the syntocin used for induction as much as possible, so I was given the option to break my waters first. I had until 11am to try and get things moving on my own. Before they broke My waters I needed a canulla placed in case I would need syntocin, the first attempt ruptured my blood vessel so they had to try three more times.

I had never experienced that before, it was quite painful, but not close to what was to come.

My student midwife attempted three times to break my waters and couldn’t seem to quite get it. I think she didn’t want to hurt me. However my doctor got it first go. After my waters were broken we were given free reign of the hospital and told to be back by 11. Jodi followed us to take some photos and then let us do our own thing. I tried stairs, jumping, jogging, lunges, squats and after an hour we made our way back to the birthing suite where we tired stretches, massaging and the fit ball but unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen on it’s own like i hoped. I was given the syntocin at 11am and I got little niggles, but enough to keep reading a magazine comfortably and not have it bother me.

At 11.54 am I got my first real contraction. It was intense, I was suddenly overwhelmed with so much fear because my contractions weren’t this intense until the end of my labours with my previous births and this was just the start. The next forty-five minutes involved a lot of screaming, (my husband said I sounded like a dying cow) attempting to breathe, pacing and most of all crying. I felt like I was constantly crying, there was no break between contractions, they were short and intense but coming so fast. I was already exhausted and i demanded an epidural. My doctor said she needed to do an internal for this to happen and I was trying to avoid them but I wanted this pain to end so I agreed.

I laid on the bed not knowing how I was going to keep doing this, when the doctor said to me, “You’re 5cm, Skye, but I can stretch you to 7.” I was inconsolable, I was 5cm at my 38 week checkup, why was I in so much pain? I just kept repeating, “I can’t do this.”

The midwives suggested some gas and I said, “Fine but I need to stand again”. I got up and attempted the gas. But it was too hard to concentrate and I ended up just biting down on it for each contraction. After standing I had this automatic reaction to drop to my knees, I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and I felt this might provide some relief. My husband massaged my back to help when each contraction and I suddenly said, “I need to push.” The midwives said do what you need to do and I started pushing and I felt automatic relief. After two strong pushes I could feel his head emerge. I now knew I was in control and trusted my body to do the rest. I was told to hold through the next contraction and then with two pushes at 1.22pm, after an hour and a half of labour, our third little boy was brought into the world. The midwife caught him and gently placed him on to the floor. I looked down and heard a cry and gathered him up onto my chest and was so in awe of what just happened. All I heard was him crying and I kept repeating, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Because I assumed I pushed him out to fast.

I couldn’t believe what just happened, I was holding my baby, it had all happened so fast. I looked at my husband and said “I did it!” He kissed me and I reached out for his hand. I just stared in disbelief for what felt like forever and then eventually stood and made my way to the bed. From there I had skin on skin with my new baby for the next two hours to allow the placenta to be delivered and for him to have his first feed. My husband cut the cord and watched from afar to allow us to bond. After some time he held his third little boy and was already so in love and so proud of what we had created.

Giving birth to my third son Edward, was by far the most intense and painful experience of my life, but also the most empowering and beautiful.

I am so grateful every moment was captured, it allows me to remember the day so clearly.


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