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Birth Stories – Sarah

Sarah ~ Bunbury Hospital ~ 29th July, 2019

My Birth story

Well, I arrived a few days earlier than anticipated. Mum had a thing called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and it became so bad she could hardly walk and care for my big sister Evelyn so it was agreed that I would be induced on the 29th of July.

The morning of the 29th July Mum and Dad went up to hospital for a 7.30am start (Evie was with Poppy for the day & Aunty Tarin for the night). The midwife and doctor came in and broke Mum’s waters around 8.30am and then we waited, hoped I would kick things off on my own. They went down to the cafe (Nanny and our photographer were here by then too) had something to eat and walked the hospital corridors for a while. 2 hours passed. Nothing was really happening, Mum got a few twinges but nothing strong enough. The decision was made to start the drugs at 11.20am to get me moving along. This meant Mum couldn’t have her waterbirth she had hoped for as I needed to be monitored.

Things progressed pretty quickly from there. Contractions started coming on strong and Mum opted for the “happy gas”. It took the edge off but, she still felt every contraction, every ache from her body and every movement I made. This went on for 4 hours. Contractions every 3-4 minutes apart, then down to 1-2 minutes apart. Daddy and Nanny tried to rub Mums back but she is a grumpy “Don’t touch me” sort of person when in pain. The midwife checked Mum once the contractions were closer together and said she was only 4 cm at best dilated. It became a little too much so Mum opted for an epidural. Not even 30 mins after the epidural was placed, Mum felt the urge to “poo” and was reassured this meant it was time to push. The epidural was not in full effect, it didn’t have the time to. Mum still felt the contractions and the “Ring of fire” people often mention when crowning.

After what felt like forever of pushing was in reality only about 30 minutes, my not so little head had emerged. Mum, Dad and Nanny all got to see me come into the world.

As I was being born there was a lady there taking lots of pictures of my journey of how I came into this world. My parents will treasure them forever I am sure.

My name is Harrison Philip Arlow, I was born at 4.27pm on the 29th July 2019 & I weighed 8 Pound, 10 ounces.

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