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Birth Stories – Emily

Emily ~ Busselton Health Campus ~ January 6th, 2018

Contractions started each evening and lasted a few hours for a few days leading up to the birth, most being only 2-6 minutes apart.

On Friday 5 January at 38+5, I requested a stretch and sweep to try and kick start labour because I was going to be induced on 14 January at 40 weeks due to Gestational Diabetes which I wanted to avoid if possible. I was 3cm dilated and stretching to 6cm, my Dr told me I’d be having a baby within 24 hours. I was hopeful but my first child came 6 days overdue even though my dr for that pregnancy believed he would come early so I didn’t get too ahead of myself. Contractions started pretty much straight away but would slow down when I was resting. I was on and off the treadmill all afternoon but they cooled off. Once again it started up in the evening and but they were too painful for me to go to sleep so I knew it was the real deal this time.

At around 11pm I phoned the hospital and went in for a check. I hadn’t progressed any further from the morning exam but the contractions were much stronger than they were with my first in early labour and it didn’t get any better from there. I was given the option to go into a maternity room to try and get some sleep but I decided it would be easier to stay in the birth suite since we had our toddler with us.

Jodi arrived and we chatted for a while and then I tried to put my son to sleep. Eventually, I was in too much pain and needed to get in the shower. I had hoped to labour in the bath but due to me hemorrhaging after the delivery of my first I wasn’t allowed in case I didn’t get out of the bath to push. My toddler was still running around so I once again attempted to put him to sleep but it was too hard to breastfeed and cuddle him while I was in so much pain so I woke his father up and asked him to put him to sleep and I got back in the shower

It was a pretty intense labour compared to my first and going against what I wanted I asked for pain relief. I didn’t want an epi so I asked for some morphine but I needed another internal exam first which revealed I was about 8cm so too far along for anything, which I was kind of grateful for. By this point the sun was up, I didn’t realise the night had gone so quickly. Once I was back on the bed it was too hard to move. The contractions were getting closer and closer and the pain was somehow still getting worse. I was so tired, I’d been up for almost 24 hours and I just wanted it to be over.

Eventually, it was time to push and within 3 pushes she was born at 6:42am. My toddler had woken up not long beforehand so he watched his sister be born which was amazing for him. Unfortunately, I hemorrhaged again and lost 2.7L of blood and needed to go into theatre. Being a Saturday I had to wait for the on-call staff to get into the hospital. I received two units of blood, had 2 IVs, leg vibrator machines attached and spent over 28 hours straight in bed. Thankfully they washed me while I was under GA because I’d been begging for a shower before I went to theatre. Over the coming weeks, I repeatedly hemorrhaged and went to theatre for the second time and lost over 4L of blood in total.

The care I received in Busselton was second-to-none and although it wasn’t the greatest birth, I can’t fault the staff or how great Jodi was through it all still managing to capture great images. I actually can’t remember a lot. I had to go through all the photos a few times to try and work out the timeline of things, haha!

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