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Birth Stories – Courtney

Courtney ~ Bunbury Hospital ~ 9th March, 2019


We were out in the garden getting ready for our wedding two months later when I started to get some tightenings. I continued gardening until 6:00pm when the tightenings became stronger, I felt like my labour was on and off until around 10:30 when the contractions became more frequent.

I rang my husband as he was at work and we picked him up on the way to the hospital at 12:00am. We arrived at the hospital around 12:45 and I was admitted to the labour ward for observation (due to having on and off contractions) and I was told that if I didn’t progress by 4:00am I would be sent home. We weren’t sure if I was in full labour so we didn’t call Jodi for quite a while as time progressed I was getting more and more uncomfortable.

I was going between a hot shower and walking around the room. Eventually I just sat in the shower with the shower head on the bottom of my belly to ease the pains when they came. My waters broke in the shower and my husband rang Jodi and she made her way in just in time as our gorgeous baby Adelaide made her arrival just 20 minutes after my waters broke!

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