Birth Photography

How much would you spend to capture one of the most incredibly special, “Once In A Lifetime” days of your entire life?
We spend thousands of dollars on a wedding because it is our Special day.
My husband & I tried to create the most budget-friendly wedding we possibly could. We had a forest ceremony location, a family member made the wedding cake, a photographer friend to take photos & we had our reception on a relatives property etc, but we still spent approx. $11,500 for the day & that doesn’t even include the Honeymoon!
A wedding is a very special occasion & we all hope it will be a once in a lifetime event so that makes the cost all the more acceptable.

How much does the average wedding cost? Based on a survey of 3,300 brides and grooms around Australia, asking them how much they spent (I didn’t do the survey, these guys did) the total average wedding cost is $31,368.

Birth Photography by Jodi Byles Photography Capel

So what about the Other once in a lifetime special occasions that happen in our lives, such as the Birth of our children? I have had 4 children & each birth was incredibly special, they are all days that I have fond memories of because despite the pain & discomfort I went through, that was the day my baby was born. I am now a Birth photographer & I have been privileged witnesses the incredible strength & love involved in the birth of a child from a different perspective. Now looking back on the births of my children I wish Birth photography was an option because I would definitely treasure those photographs dearly.

Yes, as I said I have memories of the days, but to be honest I had my eyes closed for most of the 2 “natural” births I had & although my eyes were open for the 2 Caesarean births I had, I was laying down behind a sheet so I couldn’t see much of anything anyway.
I do have some photos from each birth that were taken either by the shaky hands of my excited Mum or by a nurse who just happened to offer to take a mobile phone photo, but I would so love to have professional photos taken that capture all those little details such as the pain I survived even when I had my doubts, the expressions of the concerned & overwhelmed Dad, that first glimpse of my little baby as she/he entered the world, the expressions of relief & excitement as we got to meet our baby for the first time along with all those special little details & features of the baby.
Sadly, marriages don’t always last & some of us have more than one “Special day”, but our children are only born once! That is a moment that will never be repeated, ever!
My intention in writing this post is simply to get you to think about opening up to the possibility of having birth photography done for the birth of your next child. Pregnancies can feel like they go forever sometimes, especially towards the end. Being in labour feels like it goes forever. It seems like it will never come out! But they do. And they’re awesome. The pain is forgotten and your little bubba is in your arms.
Birth photography isn’t just about the birth, it’s the journey. It’s your journey. It’s your story. It’s the story of your tiny little son or daughter’s journey into this world, don’t let the memory slip away with the day.
The price of my birth photography is not even 1% of what we paid for our entire wedding… Why wouldn’t you?
Nothing to lose, memories to gain 🙂